Marcella Runell Hall’s work not only engages the ubiquitous terrain of race, social justice and hip-hop, but also retains accountability to the many communities her work seeks to serve. She is a talented academic, who also works in the service of the values that we wish to create in our learning and social communities. Her leadership has been crucial as we build movements in social justice and hip-hop pedagogy.

-Michael Cirelli, Executive Director, Urban Word, New York City

I have known Marcella for more than a decade and have watched her grow as a social activist, educator, and advocate. She is an honest ally who truly walks the journey along with others, and she genuinely approaches the conversations and dialogues about diversity and inclusion from a very personal perspective. As an educator, I have used lessons from Marcella’s books in teacher training workshops. Participants have been excited by the innovative approach to lessons and to the practice of meeting students at their point of interest. Marcella has also spoken at my college on issues of Hip Hop Education and Ally Development, and it has been important for students to see a white woman take personal investment in issues of race, diversity, and inclusion. Marcella inspires me as a woman, an educator, and as activist, and I am truly Blessed to call her Friend.

-Liza Talusan, Director of Intercultural Affairs, Stonehill College and author of To Loosen the Mind (toloosenthemind.com)

If you are looking for innovation, creativity, in-depth professionalism
in a trainer combined with a woman who knows how to train so that your
growth will continue long after the training session ends – then you are
looking for Marcella Runell Hall. She is among the few educators who
understand the breathe of our identities and prepares others to navigate
successfully in our global society.

-Joyce S. Dubensky, Esq.
Executive Vice President
TANENBAUM Center for Interreligious Understanding

I have had the privilege to participate in Marcella’s training programs and have found her to be a dynamic and engaging facilitator and trainer. Her vast knowledge in areas of diversity education make her a perfect fit for senior-level, mid-level and entry-level staff!

-Dr. Tom Ellett
Associate Vice-President Student Affairs
New York University

I have brought Marcella in to do many ally lectures and diversity trainings. She also designed a 4-day training for the entire Division of Student Affairs at my small liberal arts college. During the student affairs four day diversity training, Marcella created a space where colleagues felt comfortable in expressing their stereotypes. Although she challenged us on our assumptions, my colleagues became more aware of their behaviors and actions. As a result, they created an action plan for their respective departments to continue the dialogue on social justice. Marcella is phenomenal.

-Dr. Mounira Morris
Assistant Dean of Students, Clark University

Marcella came into First Year College at North Carolina State University and was amazing. She helped us identify our combined strengths and areas for improvement. She helped us focus on us, the team in FYC. So often we focus on our students and not ourselves so this was an eye opening, engaging and powerful experience.

-Kathy Ziga
Academic Adviser/Lecturer
First Year College
North Carolina State University

Marcella has the unique ability to explain complex theoretical information in a tangible and palpable way that not only provides an increased awareness of nuanced topics but that also allows for important and evocative dialogue among workshop participants.

-Brett Krutzsch
Assistant Director
NYU Office of Global Programs